Thai protest anti coup in London

There were about 100 people with black t-shirt gathering infron of Thai Royal Embassy on 4ht May 2007.

The protest started at 1.30 pm and declared themselves as follow:

Who are we: We are not politicians or activist, we do not belong to any high profile clubs and we are not elites. We are well-educated responsible citizen of the Kingdom of Thailand who are residing in countries miles away from our motherland.  We are a conglomeration of students, working class families and business oriented people who have moved outside Thailand for one or the other reason. Despite of our so-called separation from our motherland we have not forgotten our sense of duty for our country. We do keep ourselves up to date with the current affairs of our country by following news, website blogs and web forums. Most of us in this group have met each other by web blogs only.  It is famously known that the media is truly controlled by the leader of the coup hence we can only see or read what the coup leaders want us to see or read. And it is a fact that whatever is presented by Thai media is not accurate as it is highly influenced by the biased view of current military backed government.  This is also providing misleading information to outside world, which we believe is totally unacceptable. Due to the fact that this interim government is not elected by local people of Thailand it is not following the rule of democracy at all. We want this to be changed. We want a democratic government elected by Thai people in Thailand and that’s why we have decided to set up a group that includes people with passion about Thailand, passion about its democracy and passion about its progress.   

Our Goals: We want to become voice of our motherland because we know the true situation inside the Thailand and we are active and aware citizens, we want the whole world to be aware about it.We want the world know that there are large number of Thai people out there who are not happy with this so called interim government set up by military and acting like a pawn of military leaders. This is damaging reputation of our country and obviously blocking the progress of it in today’s competitive global economic race.We want to let the whole world know that we Thai people have an ability to think and analyse the situation, we have an ability to raise our voice whenever it is necessary although we are the most peace loving people on the face of the planet. We are not like sheep that can get carried away by false media.We are aiming to restore a true democracy in our motherland. Democracy for people by people and not by military or any group or elite.  

As the result of  The coup d’tat on 19 September 2006: The military junta called “The Council for National Security (CNS)”, overthrew the democratically elected Thai government, abolished the Constitution of 1997, and infringed and robbed the Thai people of their liberty, freedom, and democratic rights.   Also interfering with independent agencies, claiming false allegations against the former prime minister, issuing rules and regulations that discourage foreign confidence, pursuing policies detrimental to economic growth, creating unnecessary tensions with our neighbouring country, and censoring news and public information.   Such actions are causing serious damage to Thai democracy, the rules of law, and worsening the Thai economy.  Moreover, the junta-backed Draft Constitution of 2007 is a “Trojan Horse”, inside of which are concealed provisions that perpetuate the control of Thailand by the un-elected military coup.  This is evident by the Draft Constitution of 2007 provisions appointing the Senate by a committee under your control, instead of the free election of the Senate; and, the amnesty clause for the unelected military junta who staged the illegal coup.  

Our demand: 

  • To dissolve this military coup, interim government and return the democracy back to Thai people by setting up a free and fair election switly.

  • To bring back 1997’s constitution, which was written at the cost of thousands of innocent Thai peoples lives and blood.

  • Srongly reject and deny the military-backed Draft Constitution of 2007 which contains undemocratic elements serving to maintain the un-elected military junta’s power.  

Clip video:

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