Deposed Thai prime minister hopes to teach in Thailand


TOKYO: Ousted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Thursday he would like to return to his home country to teach about business and management “after Thailand returns to democracy.”Speaking at a Tokyo news conference announcing his appointment as a guest lecturer at Takushoku University, Thaksin said he would like to live as a “normal citizen” and spend the rest of his life in education and charitable activities.

Thaksin, in exile since a September coup ousted him as prime minister, said he is seeking a way to share his “accumulated knowledge and experience” with students, and hoped to teach in Thailand in the future.“After Thailand returns to democracy, I think freedom of speech and thinking will prevail,” he told reporters. “At that time, I will go back. I will teach the younger generation from the experience that I have.”Thaksin declined to take questions on Thai politics. However, he sounded optimistic about recent developments, including the military-installed interim government’s move to lift a ban on political party activities, and its and plans for elections in December.

“I think the return to democracy will happen soon,” Thaksin said.The interim government that replaced Thaksin has been extremely hostile toward him, saying he should until after the elections because he could destabilize the country.

He was deposed after being accused of corruption and abuse of power.Thaksin made a fortune in the telecommunications business before entering politics, and has been living the life of an idle billionaire since losing his post, traveling between a London residence and various Asian countries.His appointment at Takushoku University, where he is slated to give his first lecture July 5 on Asian economic and business models, comes as he seeks to buy the English soccer team Manchester City

.“This is my first employment after being ousted — I’ve been unemployed for a while,” Thaksin joked. “I’ve been trying to find a job … as chairman of a soccer club, but it’s not coming quick enough.”Thaksin refused to take questions on the progress of his bid.



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