Congratulation to new Man City Chairman

ประกาศอย่างเป็นทางการโดย ยูเค สปอร์ต อินเวสเมนท์ ไปเรียบร้อยแล้ว ทางทีมงานขอแสดงความยินดีกับการซื้อทีมเรือใบสีฟ้ามา ณ ที่นี้ด้วย

Dr Shinawatra honoured to become City chairman

Following ’s announcement to the PLUS market by UK Sports Investments Limited that its offer for Manchester City PLC has been declared unconditional, the following is a statement issued on behalf of Dr Thaksin Shinawatra, Chairman of UK Sports Investments.

“It will be a great honour to become Chairman of such an historic club. Working together with everybody associated with Manchester City I hope to lead the club into a position where we can once again challenge for major honours.”

Sven excited by City challenge

Manchester City is a big, big football club, there’s a new owner with more money to buy better players, it’s the Premier League but my main reason was because this is a very big football club.

“It’s always good to take on a job that’s a challenge, and this is a great challenge for me. I’m very excited, I’m looking forward to it, I’m sure that the players and the staff are, and I know that the fans will be very excited as well.”

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